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For the record, -uj is a suffix that means roughly “container of [whatever you attach it to].” This was used extensively to generate country names in the early days. You would take the name of the ethnic group that lived there (pol-, german-, etc) and add -uj to make the country name “A container of poles, or germans, or whatever.” Nowadays, there’s a hodgepodge of country names. -ujo, -io, and I think a few others (we’re Usono).

So, Esperantujo is the name of the Esperantist’s country (I guess it translates as Esperanto-land, but that makes it sound too much like a theme park). It’s said that when people speak to each other in Esperanto, they’re in Esperantujo. Isn’t that cute? I get all warm and fuzzy when I think of that.

Anyway, an animation student in Vancouver wants Esperantists to send him postcards in Esperanto to prove that if he made animations in Esperanto, they would have a real audience. Here’s his message:

Animacia studento petas kuragxigojn


Kelkaj el vi jam scias ke mi estas lernanto de animacio, ke mia revo estas fari animaciajn filmojn en Esperanto. Mi studas cxe Vancouver Film School kaj gxuste nun mi volas montri al miaj samklasanoj ke ja ekzistas homoj el cxirkaux la mondo kiuj volas vidi novajn animaciajxojn en Esperanto.

Se vi subtenas mian revon, bonvolu sendi posxtkarton al mi cxe la jena adreso:

Simmon Keith Barney
1111 Pacific St, # 407
Vancouver, BC
V6E 3X7

Antauxdankas vin


Animation student begs your support


Some of you already know that I’m studying animacion, that my read is to create animated films in Esperanto. I attend Vancouver Film School and now I want to show my classmates that indeed, people exist around the world who want to see new animations in Esperanto.

If you support my dream, please send a postcard to me at this address:
Simmon Keith Barney
1111 Pacific St, # 407
Vancouver, BC
V6E 3X7

Thanks in advance,


Cool huh? I think we should do it. Spread the word!


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