Esperanto Week

Here it comes, the intensive week-long Esperanto course! Read on…

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Today: Gerda & More Plotting

Got pretty into Gerda, discussed more about the St. Louis trip, the Esperanto week-long course, and the books for the course. Plus, much deliciousness!

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News in Esperantujo

An animation student in Vancouver wants Esperantists to send him postcards in Esperanto to prove that if he made animations in Esperanto, they would have a real audience.

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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

Tons of ideas, received a package full of books from a kind Esperantist, suggestion of changing the meeting time.

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Today’s Meeting – New Faces

Hey! Today’s meeting was quite strange. Where did all the usuals go? It was just Phillip, me, Omar, Ian, and two new folks Kyle and Emma. We watched the second chapter of Mazi and read about a page of “Gerda…” I admit that we fell into chatter for the most part, but the majority of us weren’t at the level for conversing in la lingvo internacia. Oh well, it’s still exciting to see new people excited.


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First Post!

Hello! This is Darcy Ross. This is the new blog for Esperanto@UIUC/The Esperanto Club of University of Illinois/Ekoci.

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